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Women’s Biggest Financial Milestones - Gordon Wealth

By Bessie Hassan.

Although owning a home outright still represents the Australian dream for many women, there are other achievements that top the list when it comes to ranking important financial milestones.

From having enough funds to retire comfortably, to being able to jet set overseas at least once a year, to buying your first investment property or helping your kids with a deposit, there are many unique factors that signify whether we’ve “made it” financially.

A new finder.com.au study asked Australians “Which financial milestones do you consider most important?”

The study found that 74 per cent of Australians want to be mortgage-free.

It estimated that nearly 60 per cent of Australians want to have sufficient superannuation funds to retire comfortably and 36 per cent of Aussies want to be able to go overseas once a year.

When we look at the gender breakdown, women are slightly more interested in being mortgage-free than men.

Women also value having enough super to live comfortably after retirement slightly more than men.

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