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Is property investment a profitable option in Australia?

Property investment is one of the best growing business to earn easy money. It is a vast industry, and if done correctly, it can become highly profitable. Investments always pair up with a certain amount of risks. Though the uncertainties in property business are comparatively low than other investment options, it needs a professional approach.

These investments include purchasing and selling of properties. The purchased property is developed to sell or give at lease at a higher bid to have more profit. It consists of all kinds of real estate starting from, apartments to steppe lands. These properties are mostly bought where rents are high, have high future growth rate, or is near some famous place.

People mostly look out for more appealing properties. It can be anything from a posh location to some extra feature of the property. More attractive means more price. Low maintenance housing properties also have high demand. Old houses or swimming pools need more care, thus resulting in more expenditure.

Gordon Wealth provides quality and result driven investment solutions. With their expertise and strategy, they can help to find the highest value property at low cost. Their teams are focused on providing the best solutions to their customers.

As reported in the ASX/Russell Investments 2018 Long-term Investing Report, Australian property investment gives almost 8% return annually until December 2017. For nearly a decade it has been yielding a significant amount of profit until recently when the home values in Sydney and Melbourne are falling. It dropped by 5.6% in August 2018.

Foreign investments on the property in Australia are also declining, mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Hike in the taxes for foreigners has reduced the values of the property. For about a decade until 2017 Property investment in Australia earned on an average 8% of the gross return per annum.
  • Examination of the foreigner’s documents also has reduced the property price. The residential investors have to register in the residential land register. In addition to these, the number of shares of these properties or dwelling which can be sold to foreigners has been cut down by half, i.e., only 50 %.
  • China was the major contributor to Australian properties investments. It was responsible for almost 30% of foreign investments in Australia. After strict capital controls, they have also reduced their investments.

Now is a tough time to invest in Australian property. To get a decent profit out of the investment, professional experience, and strategy are required. Gordon Wealth provides both at service. Their team will help to find the perfect property to sell or give it on lease. Expert strategists will ensure to meet the goals of their clients.

Australia is an excellent place for investments in property, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, the values of the properties have gone sour. But with the expert guidance of Gordon Wealth, you can expect to get higher return-over-investment with fewer risks.

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